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A certain shade of misfit who reads and plays their way around unexpected resemblances, hunting for the unusual and the unexpected.

Who are you?

I’m Mark.

I live in New York City.

I’ve been reading and writing and presenting my way through a career in music, technology, experience design, and marketing strategy for 14 years and noticed that:

1.) Most people are thinking the same things

2. ) in the same way

3.) because they’re mostly consuming the same things

I don’t know, things were getting a bit beige. I wanted to create a fun little corner of the internet where I can blend ideas like paint and splatter about across disciplines, wondering out loud while sharing with fellow strangers.

Who knows maybe we can make new colors. New brushes. New canvases. New painters.

Why subscribe?

The philosopher Daniel Dennett pointed out that “what you can imagine depends on what you know.” Knowledge and information are raw materials that let you create new things. So:

At best: You’ll find some raw material along the way that lead you to creations or discoveries that help separate you from the herd.

At least: You’re likely to come across a thing or two you hadn’t seen or thought before.

At the very least: You’ll become part of a community of like minds and kindred spirits and, potentially, future collaborators.

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